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September 1, 2013
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The Grislyville Era by SHITFORBRAINSCHAN The Grislyville Era by SHITFORBRAINSCHAN
Okay, I recommend grabbing a snack or something because I'm about to elaborate on the info for the Grislyville
Era for Grislyland, including the three main characters, the opposing force, and general stuff.

Grislyville Era
The Grislyville Era is a period of time in Grislyland history in which the people of Grislyland were at war with
demons known as the Woolygonn. Despite this time of war, the town of Grislyville was a mostly contempt town despite
being hit with both the troubles of war and the apparent gang problems involving the illegal trafficking of ducks
(or "bills" as referred to by crime perpetrators and law enforcement).

Miss Woe
Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Appearance: A tiny bowler hat with drooping daisy, short flippy hair, long sleeved button top, skirt, hands made
from boilers, and plain shoes.

Miss Woe was a well known local in Grislyvilles due to the fact that she would protect the town from Woolygonn
attacks and the town's precious supply of ducks from the mob. She is also well known for her distinctive fists,
which were made to be fully functioning boilers as a result of a horrible, gruesome accident that destroyed her
original hands. On her down time, Miss Woe was also known to take up many various occupations around the town that
made use of her skills, such as a blacksmith, a fry cook and a delivery girl to name a few. She personally knows
Lauren and Harry as notorious duck traffickers and gang members of the most dangerous mob in the town. Despite this
fact, she is usually put in a situation where she must join forces with them to fend off large Woolygonn strikes.

Miss Woe, is a quiet person. She rarely ever speaks and does most of her communication through gestures and
expressions. Though generally nice, she can also be quite stubborn and even naive. Her love for ducks and do-
goodery is what drives her to protect the town from various potential threats. Miss Woe's attacks using her
formidable fists made from the scrap of boilers, allowing her to pack quite a punch. Her punch efficiency also
depends on the fuel source that she can orally consume or input directly through the hatches on her hands. Coal and
water can cause her punches to become either more powerful or quick receptively. She also has a surprisingly tough
skull, which leads her to headbutt her enemies as well.

Miss Woe

Lauren Hamilton
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Appearance: Simple wide-brimmed hat, long hair, turtle-necked button up long sleeved top, skirt and rain boots.
Lauren is one half of a notorious crime duo, along with her partner Harry. Together, they pull off various
different heists for their mob boss, whom they have actually never seen and have only heard through phone calls,
telegrams or radio.Their main escapades in crime involve the acquisition of ducks to sell on the duck market, much
to the chagrin of resident hero Miss Woe, whom they frequently run into. Originally, Lauren was a normal telephone
operator, until the gang Harry was a part of had kidnapped her for a hefty ransom. However, her time as a captive
caused her to develop Stockholm Syndrome for Harry, to the point where she was eventually inducted into the gang.
She became both an enforcer and a personal driver for Harry. She is the proud owner of a personalized vehicle,
which she calls "Top Pop".

Lauren always has an optimistic viewpoint. Despite her knowing of the various crimes she commits, she always has a
cheerful disposition, which tends to annoy Harry. She also appears to be a bit scatterbrained, being easily
distracted or forgetting to do certain tasks. However, she shows to utmost loyalty to Harry, even more so than the
mob boss she works for. Being the "muscle" of the pair, Lauren has a various assortment of tools, ranging from lead
pipes to baseball bats, to beat those that oppose her or her gang, her particular favorite being a pipe wrench.
Lauren may also use the "Top Pop" to run down fleeing targets or to break into different establishments.

Lauren Hamilton

Harry The Cat
Age: 3
Sex: Male
Appearance: Bowler hat, mustache, bow tie, and a suit.

Harry is one half of a notorious crime duo, along with his partner Lauren. Together, they pull off various
different heists for their mob boss, whom they have actually never seen and have only heard through phone calls,
telegrams or radio.Their main escapades in crime involve the acquisition of ducks to sell on the duck market, much
to the chagrin of resident hero Miss Woe, whom they frequently run into. Harry has always been part of a gang, ever
since he did petty crimes as a kitten. His time in the mob has made him a cunning strategist, allowing him to plan
heists and jobs with great precision. He met Lauren after he kidnapped her for a ransom, which eventually lead them
to working together, much to his eventual annoyance. However, he admires her driving skills enough to take her on
as his personal driver. And also despite their tendency to bump heads, both Lauren and Harry feel obligated to
protect Grislyville from the Woolygonn, if only to keep their business alive within the town.

Being a prime strategist, Harry is highly intelligent and is of a sophisticated nature. He enjoys the luxuries of
life and isn't afraid to indulge himself in fine wine or classy outfits. However, he does possess a short temper,
allowing him to become easily angered, particularly with the antics of his partner, Lauren. Despite this, he also
has a strong sense of honor that outweighs his anger towards others, and thus he sees Lauren as a valuable asset.
When Lauren and Harry are working in harmony, they can be quite a strong force to be reckoned with.

Harry The Cat

Bitey the Wolf
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Appearance: A tall wolf with a raggedy pair of overalls with only a single buttoned suspender.

Generally looked at as a nuisance, Bitey is a local resident that is only out to fulfill his own desires. He has a
strong craving for chicken, turkey and most of all, duck. Though he does not initially look for trouble, his pursuit
for gratification often leads him to it, often encountering both Lauren and Harry, and Miss Woe. He also enjoys
gambling and drinking to his heart's content, also leading him into undesired situations. However, like Woe, Lauren
and Harry, he has the conscience to fight off the Woolygonn when they show up in Grislyville.

Bitey tends to be a very selfish individual, only looking out for himself and his needs. This makes him mostly
anti-social, leading him to avoid contact with others, unless he goes out to gamble or drink. He also tends to get
mad somewhat easily, causing him to partake in fights around the town. Despite his tendency to push others away, he
does care about a select few people within Grislyville, giving him a rare situation for him to show affection.
Bitey's talents rely in his massive physical power, allowing him to fight off anyone that chooses to get in his
way. He will punch, kick, smash and generally destroy by any means necessary. He is also surprisingly limber for
someone of his size. However, his specialty lies in his powerful set of jaws, which can bite through nearly

Bitey The Wolf

The Woolygonn are a demonic race of creatures and are the main opposing force for the people of Grislyville. The
appearance of Woolygonn vary greatly, as well as their different capabilities and powers. Woolygonn, despite their
seemingly savage nature, are able to speak. Woolygonn will almost always attack in large groups, with the exception
of their rare, more powerful brethren who are able to attack individually. Their main reason for attempting to take
Grislyland is their nature to multiply and conquer as much territory as they can can, leading to the event known as
The Second Great Conlict. Though, they are very numerous and vary greatly, they are under the leadership of a few
top ranking Woolygonn that no one has seen yet, but have been mentioned by the lesser attackers.

Whoo, that was a lot go over. Hope some of you found all this somewhat interesting! :)

Was listening to Daft Punk's "Doin' It Right" while doing this btw
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Ken-Oh-Sama Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013
I can't help but imagine them bouncing in place as a looping background scrolls behind them.

Awesome work, it's always great when you bring the ol' timey influence into your stuff :3
SHITFORBRAINSCHAN Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd so animate that if I knew a damn thing about animating lol

And thanks, the old timey stuff is some of my favorite stuff to draw!
Obsidiron Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013
I shall partake in this delightful skirmish of sorts! *Wields Bulldog* COME HITHER, BROTHER! (Bulldog is a machete I has. Long story for it, so I won't indulge you.)
SHITFORBRAINSCHAN Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Prepare to face your wackiest nightmares.
Obsidiron Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013
...Nothing could be worse than the subconscious stool that resides within my sleeping body!
ShelShark Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013
what kind of world allows the illegal trafficking of DUCKS. MONSTERS.
SHITFORBRAINSCHAN Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A world unhinged by the norms of society.
Gangstah-Teddy Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
That's insane. You're going to make comics about them too?
SHITFORBRAINSCHAN Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not sure. Don't think I will unless people would be interested. Might do a single strip or something at least.
Gangstah-Teddy Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013
At least one. :3
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